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I seriously LOVE reading! I read all the time, and enjoy it so much :) I feel like it gives me time to be away from reality and just get lost in the story.

after ap weeeeeeeeeeeeek! <3

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A Girl You Should Date

One of the most beautiful things I read online recently. Almost priceless. Though incredible tough to achieve. Maybe one day (pls god)….


The Way We Read Now

What’s your favourite device to read. Laptop? Tablet? eBook reader? Smartphone? Or plain old books printed on paper? Here the author takes us through some of his choices. Though like him, I’ll forever be a fan of the ‘real’ books. One you can sleep holding. Ones you can smell. One that stays in your room like a trophy.


Science on the Rampage by Freeman Dyson | The New York Review of Books

Battle of the dreamers vs researchers. The article rightly brings out the need for dreams to conjure abstract visions that can be tamed down to the real world of experimentation. For these men and women they hang between the science and literature community. Former considers them amateurish, while the latter considers them too rigid. The world generally recalls them as genius.


"Bookstores are the most valuable destination for the lonely, given the numbers of books that were written because the authors couldn’t find anyone to talk to."

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