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Let the Robot Drive: The Autonomous Car of the Future Is Here | Wired Magazine |

Though I don’t agree with many aspects of the article, can’t deny its inevitability. Considering “car” impacted our society and culture like few other things, this too will have a far reaching impact. But as the article says, the future car should be like a horse. While it will intelligently steer and avoid obstacles, the rein should be in human hands…


Electric Vehicles were once the holy grail of environmentally conscious autoheads (won’t use the term petrolheads). To be frank the technology always proved to be a mirage in practical usage, but Tesla’s come closest to the perfect EV ever (please don’t remind about Prius, cuase it ain’t a pure EV in any respect).

Frankly I don’t think EVs will save the planet, cause in the best case scenario they are shifting the emissions off the road to the power generating stations. And in the worst case scenarios, their batteries will release toxins on a different scale altogether. But what I think these cars can do is buy us time. Provide that buffer for scientists to evolve the fuels cells. And by the time they are ready, EVs would have improved the battery technology to a much higher standard.

Also there are added benefits of testing offshoot technologies like software, (maybe) automated driving, regenerative braking etc. So I sincerely do wish Mr Musk and his company have their ‘apple’ moment and the Model S emulates its long lost forefather. And if it can produce even a little of the stir Henry Ford produced with his similarly named car, then the future indeed looks electrifying!

Tesla Model S